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Window Cleaning

It is important to keep your windows clean not just for aesthetics. Ocean breezes are one of the many reasons homeowners choose to buy houses in coastal regions. Unfortunately, with the refreshing breeze comes salt spray. Winds off the ocean pick up tiny water droplets; the wind carries minute amounts of salt toward the house, which lands on windows. As the water evaporates, it leaves a white crust of salt, eventually leading to windows too white and scaly to see out of clearly. I will also brush away cobwebs, old wasps nests, clean fly screen( if fly screen is undamaged and fully intact)

Gutter Cleaning

Keep gutters clear of leaves, sticks and dirt to help prevent over flow and blocked drain pipes when the rain sets in and to reduce combustibles during fire season.

Solar panel cleaning/solar heater

You can't always tell from the ground how dirty panels (especially perspex solar heaters) can get. Dirt, salt, bird/bat poo, black algae, mold and lichen can build up over time reducing efficiency. I had a customer who's solar heater was covered in so much algae/lichen that it no longer heated water. The next day she rang to say it was working again. Give me a call and I will inspect, take photos and if it really does not need a clean there is no charge.


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